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Internships: Clinical Social Work, Counseling and Creative Arts Therapies (Art, Music & Dance/Movement Therapy)

The Clinical Training Program at the University of the Arts provides experience in a wide range of mental health issues and treatment approaches among college student populations. The UArts Counseling Center is committed to a multidisciplinary training approach and is open to advanced graduate students in Clinical Social Work, Counseling and Creative Arts Therapies.

UArts Counseling Center Internships and field placement opportunities enable the acquisition of necessary competencies for mental health treatment in college and university counseling centers with the emerging adult population. Internships are typically 21 hours/3 full days per week. The interns are trained in developing the following skills: interview assessment, ongoing short-term solution-focused counseling, case conceptualization, consultation, emergency assessments and crisis intervention, as well as triage, case management, possible groups and developing outreach programming for health and wellness in Student Affairs. Other training activities include: weekly Counseling staff meetings, weekly individual supervision and group supervision, as well as case presentations and didactic seminars.

There is also a Creative Arts Therapies track (currently in development) in which graduate students who are studying Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Dance Therapy will have an opportunity to gain valuable experience in counseling with our unique artistic student population.

The UArts Counseling Center currently works with select graduate programs directly to recruit interns for our programs. If interested, please contact your graduate program field coordinator to inquire further. Unsolicited applications will not be accepted.