Rylee Cassel BFA '20 (Game Art), MAT '21

BFA '20 (Game Art), MAT '21

Art Education (MAT)

I've loved art my entire life and I'm never going to stop.

I think that you can learn a lot about an artist based on what they draw. Sometimes you don’t need words to understand a person. I’ve lost track of how many sketchbooks I own—you tend to lose count when the answer to “what do you want for your birthday?” is always “a sketchbook!” Growing up playing the PlayStation, I became enamored with fictional characters and fell in love with them. These fuzzy and scaly creatures became my heroes and soon they filled my sketchbooks alongside the drawings of my favorite stuffed animals and family pets. Many birthdays and many drawings later, I look through my sketchbooks and am able to see the kind of person I am. As a kid, I drew what I loved, and I continued to do so as an adult. These sketchbooks show a record of my life, and hold dear all of the things that make me who I am today.

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