Profile photograph of Photography program alumna, Rebecca Torres

BFA '20

Photography (BFA)

I only want my work to be about me when I'm the one looking at it. I can tell you all about my process and materials, but rather than ask what I was thinking or feeling, tell me what it makes you think or feel.

Image of a collaged artwork featuring an eye and abstract patterns.

Rebecca Torres is a mixed media artist, born and based in Philadelphia. Her process usually involves the use of encaustic wax over collaged materials, though she also finds passion in poetry, and is self-taught in digital art. Torres’ use of shapes, textures, and colors create an engaging space for the eyes to explore, while conceptually, she focuses on the crosspoint between fantasy and reality — resulting in surreal imagery to express a range of emotions in a dreamlike manner. Her current series “UnReality” is an ongoing (perhaps lifetime) project, showcasing her perspective on the ever evolving complexity of the human experience.

Torres has sold and shown work in local art shows, participated in “half-light” – a group exhibition, and featured images from her thesis in the 2020 Pingyao International Photography Festival. She graduated from The University of the Arts with a BFA in photography. 

Image of a mixed media collage featuring a partial photo of a female figure, hand-drawn face and arm against a dark, textured background.
Image of a collaged artwork featuring partial photographs of a female face and neck, and drawn elements including a hand and abstract shapes against a gradient background.
Image of a mixed media collage featuring layered photographs of geese in flight, a drawing of a female figure and various textures.


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