Faculty, Alumnae Among 'Emerging Visual Artist' Fellows, Finalists

April 15, 2016

Fibers Coordinator Mi-Kyoung Lee MFA '96 (Book Arts + Printmaking) wins CFEVA fellowship; Julianna Foster MFA '06 (Book Arts + Printmaking) and Andrea Krupp BFA '84 (Printmaking) are finalists


"Thread Drawing 2015-5" by Mi-Kyoung Lee MFA '96 (Book Arts + Printmaking).


Associate Professor and Fibers Coordinator Mi-Kyoung Lee MFA '96 (Book Arts + Printmaking) has been named a 2016 Visual Artist Fellow by the Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA). In addition, Visiting Assistant Professor Julianna Foster MFA '06 (Book Arts + Printmaking) and alumna Andrea Krupp BFA '84 (Printmaking) were among six finalists chosen for the honor. 


Work by Julianna Foster MFA '06 (Book Arts + Printmaking).


The Visual Artist Fellowship is designed to help artists in the Philadelphia area reach new levels in their artistic and professional practice. Three artists are selected annually to receive a full range of career support over the two-year fellowship period, a $1,000 stipend and up to $3,000 to cover expenses related to their proposed projects. CFEVA also selects a number of finalists to receive all fellowship program benefits with the exception of financial support.


"Jökulhlaup" by Andrea Krupp BFA '84 (Printmaking).