July 8 - July 26, 2019 (3 weeks)

Through daily technique classes and opportunities to choreograph, improvise, and perform repertory, this immersive three-week program stretches your body, mind, and understanding of dance as an art form, a college major, and a career. With a rotating selection of guest artists in each of your core courses, you will gain an expansive understanding of the facets of ballet, modern, and composition and improvisation.

The Process

With up to five movement classes a day, well deserved physical breaks include rigorous workshops in dance history, music, and collaborative art projects with Jazz students. You'll be required to show precision and experience in a wide range of dance genres — letting you sharpen the styles you know and study those you don’t.

The Perks

Develop both physically and artistically under the guidance of celebrated dancers and choreographers. The program includes electives in over a dozen genres, repertory projects, artist talks, professional dance concerts, museum trips, and open studio space for developing choreography.

The Proof

Receive written evaluations from UArts faculty and gain an introduction to a network of renowned teachers and choreographers. Showcase technique, improvisation and overall growth in a final public showcase and earn  3 college credits .

All students participate in daily core classes, two or more repertory projects and a
variety of electives + workshops. Students participate in up to five classes a day.

Taken daily to build on technique and skill.

• Modern
• Ballet
• Composition + Improvisation

Each student participates in a modern repertory and audition on campus for a
second repertory in ballet, jazz or hip-hop. Work from these projects will be
included in the final showcase.

• Modern
• Jazz
• Hip-Hop
• Ballet

Students select from a variety of electives to complement work done in core classes.
Electives are chosen once students have arrived on campus. Electives meet daily.

Past electives have included:

• Jazz
• Hip-Hop
• Pilates
• African
• Pointe
• Flamenco
• Partnering
• Bharatanatyam
• Digital Media
• Franklin Method
• Voice + Performance
• Yoga + Pilates
• Tap

Interdisciplinary Evening Workshops

Students may elect to participate in Interdisciplinary Evening Workshops on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Topics may include acting for the screen, dance/performance for beginners, music + sound art, taxidermy, drawing 101, vocal lab, lyrics + poetry, d.i.y. digital media, film screenings, and more.

Courses in the Dance program are taught by an eclectic group of choreographers, performers, and educators from across the globe. The majority of our faculty teach in the degree programs at UArts. Our expert faculty is comprised of seasoned educators and dedicated artists who enjoy the opportunity to share their expertise and collaborate with the next generation of dancers.

Summer 2018 Faculty Include

Germaul Barnes

Caitlin Cantrell

BFA '12

Dinita Clark headshot
Dinita Clark

Maggie Cloud

Lanette Costas-Stampley

Michael "Ras" Courtney

Wayne David headshot
Wayne David

Emma Geisdorf

Meg Foley

Rochelle Haynes headshot
Rochelle Haynes

Hevia y Vaca_Elba_headshot
Elba Hevia y Vaca

JE Kim headshot
Jung-eun Kim

Anna Kroll

Nicholas Leichter

Jen McGinn

Megan Quinn

Leyland Simmons

Jennifer Smith

Katie Swords headshot
Kathryn Swords Thurman

  1. Review the Dance application requirements
  2. Complete the application, including audition, and submit the program deposit online or by mail.
    Start your application    *Please note: Housing for Dance is nearing capacity for summer 2018.  Contact Pre-College for more information.  Space is still available for commuter students. 
I was free to discover new ways to move that I had never experienced before.
— SI 2017 Dance student


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