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City of Brotherly Love Softball League
Phone: 215-GO-CBLSL
PO BOX 53836, 
William Penn Annex, Philadelphia, PA 19105

Join over 600 gay and lesbian softball players and their friends. Games are played in nearby Fairmount Park on Sundays starting in April. All it takes is a glove, a small registration fee, and the desire to share some fun in the sun this spring and summer. Our league accommodates all levels of talent - from beginner to competitive with seperate but interacting men's and womens divisions.

FINS Aquatics Club

The Fins Aquatics Club is Philadelphia's gay and lesbian masters swim team. We welcome swimmers of all ages, skill levels, genders and orientations. The team provides challenging, well-organized, coached work-outs. Some members focus on local, regional, national or international swimming competitions and/or triathlons. Others swim to keep fit. When we aren't working out, we often hang out together just for fun, whether for meals after practice, bike rides, participating at Philadelphia's various gay festivals or for other special events.


In 1983 a small group of gay runners in Philadelphia decided to organize and promote running for the gay and lesbian community. Following in the footsteps of similar clubs in New York and San Francisco, Frontrunners Philadelphia was born. During the past 20 years, Frontrunners Philadelphia has matured into the premier running and walking club for gays, lesbians and their friends throughout the Delaware Valley.


Philadelphia Falcons Soccer Club
PO BOX 36867
, Philadelphia PA 19107

The Falcons Soccer Club brings together adult players of all skill levels and orientations for informal weekly pick-up games, organized league and tournament play and social events with the goal of providing an environment where friendships, fitness, fair play and fun flourish. The club is co-ed, primarily gay and lesbian and is a 501c 3 nonprofit group. The falcons have promoted good sportsmanship and a positive social outlet since their founding in 1989.

Philadelphia Gay Bowling League
Brunswick Zone, 1328 Delsea Drive, Deptford, NJ  08096 

We are the areas longest running gay/lesbian bowling league. Anyone is welcome to bowl in our league. Teams consist of men and women in any combination. However, 3 bowlers on each team must be gay/lesbian. We meet every Wednesday night at 8:30pm from September through April (excluding Holiday weeks. See site calender for specific inquiries).

Philadelphia Gryphons Rugby Football Club

The Philadelphia Gryphons Rugby Football Club has established itself as the first gay-friendly men's rugby club in the Philadelphia area. We are always looking for new players, fans, coaches, social members, and everything in between. All ages and sexual orientations (even straight ones) are welcome! Don't worry if you have never played rugby before! Most guys on the North American gay teams have never even seen a rugby ball before they stepped out onto the pitch. Short and tall, skinny and not-so-skinny, we've got a place for you on our team!


Philly QCycle
PO Box 36863, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Philly QCycle is a new LGBT bicycling club affiliated with Team Philadelphia to promote organized recreational riding for all levels in the Greater Philadelphia region.


Spartans Wrestling Club

Spartan Wrestling Club of Philadelphia is an adult, gay recreational wrestling club dedicated to the enjoyment of freestyle wrestling. The club was founded in 1991. We welcome participants with little or no wrestling experience as well as trained freestylers and folks-style/collegiate wrestlers.


Tai Chi at the William Way Community Center
Phone: 215-732-2220
1315 Spruce St., Philadelphia, PA  19107

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese system of mind-body-spirit health, based on the wisdom of the Tao and the I Ching. You will learn the gentle movements and deep breathing of the Yang Style 37 Postures Form. Tai Chi can have many health benefits including: lowering blood pressure; reducing leg, neck and back pain, etc. All ages and all fitness levels are welcome!


PhilaVentures at the William Way Community Center
Phone: 215-732-2220
1315 Spruce St.
 Philadelphia, PA  19107 

An outdoor club of gay men and lesbians in the Philadelphia area. Join us for biking, hiking, camping, skiing, tubing and other seasonal activities. Participation is open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation or place of residence. Planning meetings held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm, at the William Way Community Center.

Other Activities:

Chess Club at the William Way Community Center
Phone: 215-732-2220
1315 Spruce St., Philadelphia, PA  19107

This is a new inclusive group seeking players of all skill levels interested in socializing and working on their game.

Way Gay U at the William Way Community Center
Phone: 215-732-2220
1315 Spruce St., Philadelphia, PA  19107

Come learn to dance, speak Spanish, build a relationship, defend yourself, or a number of different skills in Philadelphia's first adult education program in a gay focused environment.

Philly Pride Presents, Inc.
Phone: 215-875-9288
Fax: 215-545-6484
252 S. 12th St. #1, Philadelphia, PA  19107

Philly Pride Presents, Inc. is the volunteer organization that organizes "PrideDay" parade and festival in June and "OutFest" in October. These are the only two events during which the Philadelphia Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community joins together and celebrates as a whole. They are the largest networking days for the entire community.