photo of prince de leon standing against a lush leafy background of plants and ferns while wearing gold chains on a warped checkered sweater vest and a navy beanie.


Fine Arts (BFA)

I'm a queer, Black female immigrant. I want my art to show the world more representations of Blackness, Queerness, gender expression, and overall just different ways of being.

I'm the kind of person who's interested in a lot of things, and it made it difficult for me to figure out what I really wanted to pursue. But ever since I enrolled at UArts I've been allowed to explore all of my artistic interests without any limitations. Being able to take courses within different majors has influenced my artistic expression, and it's helped me to find my passion for painting.

painting by prince de leon, depicting two people with green eyes and each with a third eye holding a green orb between them among leafy foliage.