portrait of Zeinab Diomande, wearing a pink long-sleed shirt with a black corset-like garment, standing against a metal mesh window. Zeinab has several large gauge earrings and septum piercing and her buzzed hair is dyed yellow and red


Painting (BFA in Fine Arts)

Zeinab Diomande otherwise known as “Z The Rat” is a Philadelphia based multimedia artist. Diomande was born in 1999 in Virginia. Her family left the country to relocate back to their home in the Ivory Coast where she grew up and spent her entire life. In 2018, she moved to Philadelphia where she is currently attending school majoring in Fine Arts Painting and Drawing at The University of The Arts. Zeinab was awarded a fellowship by Mural Arts as a junior, was a finalist for the 2021 AXA Art Prize and currently exhibits her work in NYC. 

It’s never about how you are getting there, but when you are actually there. That’s how I like to think about being an Artist”.

painting by Zeinab Diomande. a person rendered in blue sits with their back toward the viewer is looking over their shoulder. they sitting in front a wispy squiggly landscape. with the sky rendered in orange