A boy in a red beanie looks through a camera lens.

BFA '21

Film (BFA)

Why did you choose University of the Arts?
I liked how connected all of the majors were. It made it easy for me to dip my toes in other fields of art as well as encouraged me to minor in Screenwriting. Because of that, I’ve met a lot of incredible people outside my major.

What has been the most exciting aspect of the program, creatively?
Collaboration has been the number-one most exciting aspect of this program. Whether that was with students or teachers, it has helped me grow so much as an artist. Getting to work on other people’s projects was amazing and gave me a great community of creators I can always reach out to. 

What do you want people to know about Philadelphia?
There’s a lot of community here and so many people and places to draw inspiration from. Please explore all of that either alone or with some friends, and be a good observer and listener.