Close up of boy with dots drawn on arms and face. Hands are placed with palms facing outward next to face.

BFA '23

Film (BFA)

Why did you choose University of the Arts?
At first I didn’t want to go to University of the Arts—I thought the school was full of weirdos. Then I realized the company of weirdos was exactly what I needed. 
What has been the most exciting aspect of the program, creatively?
The ability to attack my professors with the deadliest films I can create and still receive honest, reflective feedback. Too often, feedback becomes an endless loop of airy compliments one could find on any Yelp page. The program encourages creative risks and rewards serious creators with serious criticism. This program is not meant to be “taken” at all. It is meant to be used, squeezed, manipulated and wrung out until you are so deep in a creative fever that you forget it was for a degree after all. 
What do you want people to know about Philadelphia?
Philadelphia is a big, stoney maze, one that I am still mapping out in my mind. Each turn of the maze will either find you lost or at the cornerstone of something beautiful. Take small steps, plant your roots, and ask Ariadne for a ball of thread. You’ll be fine.