Naz Bowman



4 for trying
my pants too tight.
I forget past addresses

Criminals for help

with my homework
Pasha plays ping pong
alright with me

and the calvary
starved of attention
standing for famine

only the disrespectful dies
secrets from the

going postal
don’t tell Daddy,
the forest

the SS

social security
5 finger discount

everyday no coupon
No trust
Or bust
Or rampant denial.

I know how to watch porn and this isn't it.
The death of the weekend and all that.

Squidward gets real,
hosts queer eye,
robs a Kwik mart with his good looks.
A fat redhead boy cries on stage
surrounded by a buck 45 in change.

The fat boy stands up at attention,
salutes the flag,


The duty of the artist is lame.
Come jerk me off before our shift is over.
Bottles are red, the contents are blue
I'm so so sorry
I thought about killing you.
In the Home Depot.
While we looked at bathroom tiles
Nobody deserves that.

I am going to have extreme sex with your child.
Don’t worry your child is an adult.
Don’t worry I am a child.
The sick are caring for the elderly,
Who are well.
The dead are burying themselves
I'm throwing a party for all the excluded
None of them are invited.


My dad could kiss the shit out of your dad
My dads not gay.
You know the laser sounds in Star Wars?
The Pew pew pews
That’s him. That’s my dad.
My dad is on fire right now
But when hes not
He will absolutely fuck your Dad.


Kingdom of Heaven for Losers

Plastic animals will rain from every sky
I’m a scientific man

Trust in
sequential filing systems

and low fat
future pornstars
the jerk offs of the past

tip top said
the mad farm hand

he's a real sweetheart
if you can deal

with his fits
of murderous jealousy

don’t break my lego heart
give me a break

break me off a piece
of your social security

I'm dying
to make you
make me


Wake Up Poem

The future of birth
Unwanted girlfriends calling
my mother
(home phone)
In the back
by the dumpster
I have eastern European sex
With American girls
Vice versa.

Chumps in future tense
Cursive assholes
The grocery stores on fire
Womp womp womp
Collision for two please
I only date crash test dummies.

Drinking the right combination with my mechanic
Turned bartender
Equal parts antifreeze
And amaro sfumato
Down the hatch
Won't pass inspection.

I am investigating,
Something dangerous
Forward slash god
Talks to me
in my forward slash sleep.
Concussion season,
Line leaders
All aboard, the new old west
Retro railroad
We only take you where you’ve already
Been. Conscious for a night,
I lose my girlfriend
To a hungry
Jam band, one of them like me
But with a day job.

Oh the smiles
Of the disillusioned
Spread. From zip code to zip code
Just like that
Fax for some Korean food
Call the telephone repair man
Watch a movie with Jim,
In my twin bed
I see my 77 virgins approach.

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