Teaching Artist Certificate Student Paints Positivity in Local Community

April 1, 2020

Teaching Artist Certificate student and award-winning muralist Katie Trainer didn't expect her new mural to gain the attention of the local news. Katie painted her mural on an empty storefront window on Cumberland Street in Lebanon, PA and says she "took the panic emotions from the corona virus and figured out a way to spread some good positive outlook." The mural gained popularity quicker than she ever expected - her mural gained over 700 likes in one weekend. Her mural was featured in two local papers - Leb Town and Lebanon Daily News - and on ABC 27 who is going to do a full story about her inspirational window paintings. Katie explains that the skills of artists and teaching artists are in high demand in this unprecedented time, as people are looking for positivity and an uplifting break from the news.

Katie says she didn't intend for this to be as big a campaign as it has become and now she is ready to use her craft to inspire her local community and beyond.

Katie has since started a fundraiser to paint more positivity and clean windows in the community.

Learn more about Katie's fundraiser here.