May 15-30, 2020

 CRIT 300 Selected Topics Representing Self: Kenya 
Dates: May 15-30, 2020
Credits: Critical Studies Elective | 3 Credits  
Who can participate? Open to all UArts students

This class explores important issues related to representations of the self through a unique study away experience in Kenya. Using modern Kenya as a case-study, Representing Self invites students to explore how cultural, political and historical contexts inform individual artistic expression. Students will also be asked to consider the relationship between individual representations of self and collective forms of political representation, drawing from a variety of creative forms and critical voices. Students will gain a basic understanding of the history of colonialism and independence in the region while enjoying field trips to galleries and other cultural institutions including the National Theater in Nairobi. 

Students will be staying at the Ndabibi Environmental Conservation Centre a five-acre farm where they teach self-sustainable farming practices including water management and soil improvement, composting, reforesting, rain collection, and aquaculture.

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Student Learning Outcomes

  • Think, read, write, and discuss from a variety of informed critical perspectives to understand the relationship between colonialism and cultural production as they relate to issues of representation.

  • Reflect on connections between the study away experience in Kenya and personal, cultural, and creative contexts. 

  • Access information from a variety of sources and assess their reliability and relevance using multiple critical lenses while examining topics related to the study away experience in Kenya. 

  • Develop a critical language about the complexities of modern Kenya by synthesizing weekly readings on related topics, issues, and themes. 

  • Recognize contemporary issues central to the arts and culture and theorize globally conscious ways of analyzing issues as they relate to study away experience in Kenya. 

Authors read will include Ngugi Wa Thiong'o (Kenya), Ama Ata Aidoo (Ghana), Can Themba (South Africa) and others. Photographers of interest will include Peter Magubane (South Africa), Seydou Keita and Malik Sidibe (Mali). 

Imani Roach
Imani Roach

About the Instructor: 

Imani Roach is a Philadelphia-based artist, writer and art historian who specializes in the art and material culture of modern Africa. After receiving a B.A. in Art History from Stanford University and an M.A. in Art History from Harvard, Imani went on to serve, first as a Senior Editor at Guernica Magazine, and later as the Managing Editor at Artblog, an online journal dedicated to Philadelphia art news and criticism. Since 2016 she has taught courses at both the University of the Arts and the University of Pennsylvania focusing on African art, modernism and post-colonial theory. She has a special interest in the history of photography in Africa, and is currently an advanced doctoral candidate at Harvard University completing a dissertation on the first generation of black South African photojournalists under Apartheid. 

Imani has conducted significant field research in both Ghana and South Africa and spent time in Kenya in 2012, where she visited many sites of cultural importance in and surrounding Nairobi. She is excited about the possibility of renewing the connections that she made during her first visit to East Africa, as she is about introducing students to the arts and literature of modern Africa in an immersive environment.

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  • English-speaking, trained professional tour guides
  • Entrances for cultural sites
  • Ground transportation in safe, clean motorcoach 
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