Slavko Milekic

Product Design (MDes)

Slavko Milekic, MD, PhD

Slavko Milekic holds a medical degree and MSci in Neuropsychology (Belgrade School of Medicine), as well as Ph.D. in Cognitive Science (University of Connecticut). His research interests include digital design, the eye tacking and building of novel ways of interacting with the digital medium.

Dr. Milekic's innovative, child-friendly digital environment (KiddyFace) for art exploration has been implemented in a number of museums. He has been engaged as a consultant for the development of interactive digital environments by a number of institutions including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Phoenix Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, and Interactive Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Milekic's work has been featured in a PBS series exploring early childhood creativity "Art to Heart." As an artist, Slavko Milekic is exploring the tension that exists between the real and the virtual, the tangible and the intangible. His installations combine physical interactions with the digital domain, using touch, gestures and gaze-tracking. His main interest is in creating tangialities, in-between domains where virtual information is coupled with tangible, physical experience. His other interests include digital photography, large scale mosaics and playing with resin.

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