Alice Nardi headshot

Dance (MFA)

Alice Nardi is an independent artist and choreographer active in Europe and New York. Devoted to martial arts since her childhood, she has a background in peacekeeping and Humanitarian Emergencies, which lately evolved into a deep call for transformative processes within her performative practice on stage. With about fifteen years of experience in karate and competitions, she started practicing a vast array of physical activities from the age of four, such as ballet, martial arts and more recently, physical theater, contemporary dance, releasing techniques and different styles. She first approached politics, archeosophy and somatics, to then pursued her own artistic path on compositional skills, as main tool of investigation for attractions, intersection and interactions between sense and surround, between intention emotion and action in alignment, when making installations or choreographed pieces in real time. Alice started to develop her own productions as an author and initiated a collaboration with Black Jungle Production as a choreographer and artistic director for musical video clips. She took part of SounDance encounters Berlin, B.arts.U. and currently collaborates with various dancers, musicians, artists and choreographers. Her work is shown at different venues from independent studios to established theaters, to galleries and private sites. At the moment she pushes forward her own work through sound architecture, light embodiment and video installation, in order to fully conceive how our system inhabits its intimate proportions, each geographic functions when actively serving the scene through conscious observation, alert perception and physical participation.

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