Blakeney Bullock headshot

Dance (MFA)

Blakeney Bullock is North Carolina native and a self-proclaimed kinetic activist who is a 2007 graduate of the UNC School of the Arts and 2013 graduate of UNC Charlotte where she continued her study in dance as well as pursued her interests in economics, queer theory, women’s and gender studies. She is focused on the outward (not upward) limits of connectivity and community. In 2015, she founded the noise-dance collaboration Paideia with Widow (a. vitacolonna) and Caitlyn Swett. The cross-disciplinary collaboration Paideia is a group of sound, dance artists and healing practitioners of diverse mediums. Paideia’s seasonal and site-based works are an invitation to participate in the group’s intention toward ritual healing, executed as a living, exploratory improvisation. Their interdisciplinary performances and meditative installations are driven by looping sounds and movements that explore and exorcise/exercise individual pain, addiction and complex PTSD. Individuals, artists, and witnesses steep in a controlled uncomfortable comfort-ability, saturated with sound, entranced by dance, with hopes to settle into a place of healing.

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