MEd Alumni Spotlight: Shannon Luciani

July 25, 2019

Shannon Luciani is a 4th grade teacher in the Harrisburg School District. She serves as a member of the Leadership Team, the grade level team leader, the webmistress, technology contact, and the science coordinator for her building. 

Shannon Luciani graduated with honors from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2002 with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education and a concentration in World Religions. She earned her Masters of Education in Educational Technology from the University of the Arts in 2018. 

Shannon has been teaching in the Harrisburg Public Schools since 2008. She has taught kindergarten and 1st grade and is currently teaching 4th grade at Downey School. While in Harrisburg, she has served as the technology trainer for her building, creating a series of “Tech 101” classes for the staff that introduced them to technology tools for the classroom. She has been the coordinator for the building STEAM lab, incorporating lessons from outside agencies into lessons and programs within the science curriculum. 

Shannon was the first student to enroll in the Educational Technology program as a distance learner. She was able to digitally attend traditional classes, using iPads and Facetime to view the lecture and interact with the class. She has used the skills learned at UArts to incorporate technology into her daily lessons in various ways including differentiation for English Learners using iPads, digital field trips, learning stations with smart technology that teaches in levels matching the student’s needs, and providing a variety of leveled enrichment opportunities.


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