Policy Statement
E-mail distribution lists are used to facilitate resource sharing, communication, research, and community building. This method is cost-effective and reduces the amount of paperwork distributed through other established means such as intercampus mail. However, the overuse of campus-wide e-mails can reduce effective communication.

The Office of Technology and Information Services (OTIS) has created several master group distribution lists for the purpose of facilitating communication between and among the members of The University of the Arts community. Usage of all University-maintained and generated Group Distribution Lists will be managed by the Office of University Communications (UComm). These lists are maintained for official purposes only. OTIS and UComm work in tandem to determine the nature and purpose of each list created.

The following Group Distribution Lists are currently provided based on individual type or primary office location:

Faculty only (Full- and Part-time)

Faculty only (Full-time)

Staff only

Faculty and Staff

UArts Students

The purpose of this policy is to manage the use of distribution lists for the purposes of internal communication of news, events and official University business through the UArts e-mail system. It is designed to be flexible in facilitating communications, while maintaining the security and availability of technology resources, and maintaining consistency and appropriateness of message content and appearance.

The intention of the policy is to limit inappropriate use, and maximize the effectiveness of e-mail-based information delivery for the entire University community.

List Maintenance Responsibility
OTIS manages the information contained in the Google Apps group distribution lists through the institutional database Colleague. Individual module owners are responsible for the daily maintenance of information for which they have primary responsibility (i.e. Registrar maintains and manages all student records; Human Resources manages and maintains all employee records). Through a process of data exchange between Colleague files and records and the Active Directory/Google Apps environment, OTIS is responsible, on a daily basis, for maintaining the availability and accuracy of all individual listings as well as group distribution lists.


  1. E-mail communication should be used to inform faculty, staff and students about activities, events or policies that relate to the University’s educational services and business. All campus e-mail distribution lists are maintained as a means of facilitating electronic communication within the University community.
  2. All e-mail distribution lists will be established and maintained by the Office of Technology and Information Services. The Office of University Communications shall have sole responsibility for authorizing individuals and offices/departments to post to these lists.
  3. The Office of University Communications will provide information to departments on the approval process for using distribution lists.
  4. Individuals may create subsidiary distribution lists as desired using their Email account address book.
  5. Campus e-mail distribution lists are not available to non-university entities.


  1. The Deans of each College and members of the President’s Cabinet will authorize individuals permitted to access specific Group distribution lists and post messages. The names of those individuals will be forwarded via e-mail to the Office of University Communications.
  2. The authorized department representative will forward to University Communications for review any e-mail that he/she is requesting be distributed, and will identify the list(s) to which they wish to send the message.
  3. University Communications will either approve the utilization of the distribution list (or lists), at which time the representative is authorized to send the e-mail, or UComm will inform the representative of the reason(s) why such utilization is deemed inappropriate.
  4. Material sent to distribution lists must be related to the group to whom the mail is being sent and must pertain to University business, performance/gallery events, and/or related creative/cultural events involving UArts personnel. The distribution lists are not intended to be used for personal or commercial gain.
  5. Use of plain black text and web links are encouraged. Use of attachments and graphics, including background colors, is discouraged. Prepare the e-mail message exactly the way it should be sent out. Keep messages brief and to the point.
  6. The message should be of broad interest based on each distribution list’s constituent group.
  7. Each message must contain the intended recipient(s), a meaningful subject line, and signature block with sender, sender’s departmental affiliation, office telephone number and email address.
  8. The message should be related to a one-time event or announcement (not an ongoing activity).
  9. E-mails should be edited carefully for content before being sent to UComm for review.
  10. Repeat emails and corrections will be sent on a very limited basis.
  11. Messages should be sent to University Communications two days in advance of the requested send date to allow adequate time for review.
  12. Requests for same-day event messages are not guaranteed to be reviewed in time for the desired distribution.

Further information may be provided by contacting:

The Office of University Communications

Phone: (215) 717-6500

E-mail: news@uarts.edu