Colin Pezzano_headshot

BFA '14

Colin Pezzano is a woodworker based out of Philadelphia, PA. Pezzano projects his unique sensibility onto the possibilities of furniture and uses this to offset the domestic environment with pathos and humor. His work is an honest self-searching, channeling childhood experience and memory to bring beauty to the mundane, shaping into object the awkward fumbling form of youth and naivety. The result is something truly unique, and surprisingly moving; considering the stark, often minimal approach he takes in design. In these pieces, in his take on everyday objects, Pezzano strives to convey a long lost sense of awe and wonder, a chance for a moment to regain a bit of our inner child, our absent innocence.   He pushes himself in self-discovery, and in that finds a piece of himself; a piece of all of us.

Colin graduated from University Of The Arts in 2014. Upon graduation, he received Faculty Choice Award along with the Windgate Fellowship.  After Graduation, Pezzano was featured in Craft Forms (2014) and was interviewed in an article with American Craft. In the Spring of 2015 Pezzano had his first Solo show “Contain You” at Bridgette Mayer Gallery. Since then, Pezzano has appeared in several shows and galleries including The Smithsonian Craft Show (2016). After the Smithsonian Craft show, Colin was inspired to develop a small production line of furniture and objects, collaborating with other craft artists.