March 29–April 5, 2019: Immersive Media Pop-Up Events

March 14, 2019

In late March and early April, UArts will host a variety of pop-up events across campus to introduce immersive media to our community. The events will heighten awareness across disciplines of what immersive media is and the relevance it can hold to various modes of creative practice. Our pop-up events will include

  • Real-Time 360 VR Streaming

A 360-degree camera will be brought to locations where creative work is taking place. The camera will stream live for about 30 minutes and then move on to another space. At the same time, in a different public place, two or more VR headsets will be available for people to wear and view the live events taking place elsewhere. The 360 video will also be recorded, potentially for use in future VR projects documenting the vibrant creative work that happens every day at UArts.

The 360 live-streaming will also serve as a temporary window into classrooms across campus, affording students the opportunity to see what their peers in other programs are up to.

  • VR Sculpting 

In public places across campus, two VR systems will allow a user in one location to draw and sculpt in 3-D virtual space. Each user can see what another user is creating, and they will be able to collaborate. A projection or large video display between the two users will display what they are seeing and/or a view from a third vantage point of the work they are making.

  • Sound and Image Generation Through Motion Capture

Wiling participants can move and dance to see abstracted virtual representations of themselves performing. The motions they make create sound, and users can begin to compose audio through their gestures while holding two hand controllers and wearing four additional trackers on their waists, feet and heads.

Have an idea or want to schedule a drop-in? Email