UArts Transgender students, faculty and staff

November 7, 2018

Originally sent via email.

Dear UArts students, faculty and staff,

At a time when the federal Health and Human Services Department is reportedly looking into narrowing the legal definition of gender under Title IX, I want to strongly reaffirm the University of the Arts’ support of our transgender, non­ binary and gender nonconforming students, faculty and staff.

This support is based on our Core Values of inclusion and diversity, and my commitment to UArts’ legacy as an open, engaged community that supports all of its members. University policy strictly prohibits harassment based on gender identity and gender expression. This institution will always be a welcoming environment for all, regardless of any ill­ conceived federal proposals.

I know this situation may be upsetting and cause uncertainty for many in our community, and I want to reiterate my dedication to supporting all of our students, faculty and staff, especially those who could be directly affected by such a change.

No matter what the misguided thinking in Washington may be, this is my message to you: you are safe, you are supported, and you are valued here at UArts.