Professor emeritus

Neil Kleinman was the director of the University’s Corzo Center for the Creative Economy and is currently professor emeritus of innovation and entrepreneurship. He’s taught and published in a variety of fields – propaganda, design, mime, theater, social and economic history, law, writing for the marketplace, and the influence of technologies on society. He’s founded or served on the boards or advisory committees of several non-profits in Philadelphia, Connecticut, Maryland, and Illinois, as well as having been an acquiring editor for a Cambridge-based publisher, literary editor for a national publication, and founding editor/publisher of a political weekly (Conn.).

He has been academic vice president at Stockton State College (NJ); dean of the University of Baltimore’s Liberal Arts College, founding director of its doctoral program in Communications Design, founding director of its Institute for Publication Design, and co-director of its School of Communication Design as well as being a teacher and administrator at the University of Illinois and the College of Staten Island, CUNY.

He has received grants and awards in recognition of his teaching, programs, and community service.

He has an MA and Ph.D. in Renaissance Literature (University of Connecticut) and a JD (University of Pennsylvania).