Carlos Rios

BFA '14

Writing for Film + TV

I didn't want to waste my time getting a general "foundation" for a few years, which is the curriculum at virtually every other school. The more you write (and read), the better you get, and that's one of the best things about the WFT program: you're developing your craft for the full four years. That, and you're pitching constantly, learning how to be good in a room, which I quickly learned in the real world is just as important as being good on the page. It's also amazing that at UArts you've got every other type of artist around you -- dancers, illustrators, drummers, graphic designers -- so you're getting tons of other perspectives, which is exactly what you must embrace and utilize intentionally to be any good as a writer.


Carlos Rios graduated from UARTS’ Program in Writing for Film and Television in 2014. He received a Universal Pictures’ Emerging Writers Fellowship and was featured on the 2016 Black List. He has written for Colony (USA Network) and is currently a writer for On Becoming a God in Central Florida, which will premier in 2019 on YouTube Premium.

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