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Lauren Bakst works in the interstices and overlaps between dance, performance, and poetics. Her work, after summer, or not in the kitchen (the bed, the bathroom, the dance floor and other spaces), was presented by The Kitchen at QueensLab in December 2019 and lingered with the unexpected, inopportune, and inappropriate formations of intimacy that emerge in minor social and psychic spaces. Her chapbook more problems with form or, desire notes or, still woman was published by Wendy's Subway in 2018. Lauren created and curated the School for Temporary Liveness, Vol. 1 and co-curated Vol. 2 with Niall Jones. She has taught at the Cooper Union and at University of the Arts in the School of Dance, where she also curated the Knowing Dance More series for many years. She is currently living in Philadelphia where she is pursuing a PhD in English at the University of Pennsylvania. 

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