Adam Osgood


“Motion has had a huge impact on the illustration field as consumers have embraced smartphones and digital tablets as reading tools. It’s important for illustrators to consider how their work reads on digital devices and think about the best ways to take advantage of the digital medium.”

Adam is an illustrator and animator who has worked for clients including Hyundai, Lionsgate, and Yahoo. He uses motion to enhance his illustrations, creating GIF loops and short animated films.

Adam has directed a handful of animated music videos and most recently worked on “All About Waiting” for Dhani Harrison.

When working on animated projects, Adam uses his skills as an illustrator to create a series of images that tell a story when shown in sequence, much like a children’s book or graphic novel. The challenge in creating a music video is to develop a narrative that complements the mood, pacing, and lyrics of the music while presenting a visually engaging story for the viewer to follow.

Adam’s animation work has screened nationally and internationally, including the Siggraph Computer Animation Festival 2015, London International Animation Festival, and Holland Animation Film Festival. Outside of illustration, his interests include technology, fashion, and classic cinema. These themes are recurring in much of his work.

An illustration of a cat, a woman, an astronaut and an octopus with the title "Big Black Delta."

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