Headshot of Anne Massoni


I’m always in awe of what I see our students do – they make incredibly moving work ... and no two are alike.



Anne Massoni is a fine arts photographer and the director of UArts' Photography program. Here are a few things she thinks you you should know:

"UArts’ Photo Program is the kind of place where all voices are considered – we don’t want you to be formed from a cookie cutter – instead we want you to be the best version of yourself as a photographer. 

I’m always in awe of what I see our students do – they make incredibly moving work – they are technicians, formalists, and conceptually driven. And no two are alike. Our students are getting jobs before they even graduate and I’m always impressed with their accomplishments so soon after graduation.

Philly is a great place to study – our facilities are a great place to learn photography – and our equipment room is among the best I’ve seen in 20 years of teaching!

The elevators of Terra Hall are like coming to the set of the movie Fame – students singing, dancing, hauling equipment from place to place. I smile everyday that this is the place I come to work!

All of the interests I had as a kid, as a teenager, and even now, don’t seem so out of place at a school like UArts – I’m not so much of an oddball for having liked bugs and cameras from an early age, my science project on the lightfastness of dyes isn’t so unusual, the fact that I could throw a pot on a wheel, and that I understood what it meant to mix colors from primaries before I could read or write isn’t so unusual when your surrounded by likeminded people. We’re all unique and appreciated for it."