Joel Katz headshot

Graphic Design
Image from 'And I Said No, Lord,' book of photos by Joel Katz of civil rights 'Freedom Summer' in Mississippi

Joel Katz teaches Information Design at the University of the Arts. He's the only graphic designer to win the Rome Prize for Landscape Architecture. His urban signage was seen as a contribution to the city's landscape.

Joel has been nominated 4 times for Cooper-Hewitt/Smithsonian Institution National Design Awards, the “Oscars” of the United States Design community. He wrote Designing Information, the modern classic on the subject. UArts Graphic Design student work is prominently featured in the book.

He waited decades to publish a book of his photographs taken during the Civil Rights 'Freedom Summer' in Mississippi (1964), And I Said No, Lord, because publishers would not produce the book to the standards that he felt honored the photographs and the people in them.

Even though his name is Katz, Joel is allergic to cats.