Lisa Mangano headshot

Graphic Design

Lisa Mangano calls herself a ghost designer. As a design consultant to global branding companies, most of her work is confidential because the work is done before major mergers or business decisions that could affect the market value of the clients. She has to sign a non-disclosure agreement to work for most of her clients.

Her favorite design challenge:

“It is very satisfying to set up the manuals for complex visual identities—from the interviews with executives and designers to the precision of the final visual standards. This is how the identity comes alive and is maintained.”

She was a founding member of the design activist collective Class Action, a ground-breaking group of designers that produced provocative, socially-minded billboards, publications, and exhibits in the 1990s.

Lisa describes UArts students as “diverse, smart, and curious.” Her advice for a new student: “Read a lot of things, just be curious.”