Matt Curtius


I feel very lucky that my role at UArts allows me to build a community of practitioners that share my love of, and dedication to, the practice of illustration.


Matt Curtius design for Italian wallcovering company Glamora

I work collaboratively with my wife, Gina Triplett, on illustrations and paintings.  Our earliest work drew inspiration from the design elements of textiles and patterns. Over the course of time, this influence has bridged the gap from inspiring our work in advertising, book, and editorial illustration to a more literal application in the design of patterns for wall coverings and clothing.

In our signature line with the Italian wallcovering company Glamora, we were happy to share our love of color and natural forms with a new audience. We still love the printed page, and still get a lot of satisfaction from seeing our work on a book cover.

However, there’s no denying the extra rush we get seeing our work in someone’s living space or out in the world on a person’s clothing. In the end, it’s been the variety of surfaces and audiences for our personal voice that has been satisfying over time.

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