BA '10

JohnPaul Beattie BA ’10 (Composition) is a classical composer specializing in MIDI orchestration. For the past several years he has been composing commercial music for the local Philadelphia production company, Juggling Wolf, owned by three UArts alums: Jason Chen BFA ’08 (Animation), Ian Foster BFA '08 (Animation) and Marina Gvozdeva BFA '08 (Animation). His personal compositions are large classical works including The Devine Comedy Symphony, 2009 and Stalingrad, a ballet performed for his senior recital in April 2010.

In addition to composing, JohnPaul is the master sound engineer for the College of Performing Arts and teaches Music Technology and Live Sound Production for the School of Music. As an instructor, JohnPaul puts a high emphasis on "hands-on" learning, structuring his classes so students spend as much time as possible in front of mixing boards and microphones. It is with this philosophy in mind that he created the student run "Live Sound Sessions." In these sessions, local bands are invited to UArts to perform so the students may practice how to mix the sound for a live event in a stress-free environment. Groups that have participated include the Luke Carlos O'Reilly Quartet, Steve Tripak, Package, SoHo, No Irish Need Apply, Cute Girl from English and the Justin Binek Trio.