Art, Media, + Design: Taxidermy as Wearable Art

Practicing taxidermy since 2000, and state and federally licensed since 2010, Beth Beverly is Philadelphia's premiere couture taxidermist, specialising in wearable mounts and unusual home decor. Her hats have won awards at the Devon Horse Show, Brandywine Polo and Radnor Hunt Clubs. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and on AMC's series about competitive taxidermy, "Immortalized". Since 2013, Beverly has been instructing courses, giving demonstrations + lectures, and leading workshops on taxidermy and the many ways to incorporate this craft into a myriad of artistic platforms at The Wagner Institute, The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, Morbid Anatomy in New York and The University of the Arts. Her knowledge on the craft and restorative skills have been tapped by museums such as the Academy of Natural Sciences and The Vadon Hunting Museum in Transylvania, Romania.