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Anchored on the vibrant Avenue of the Arts, our campus is located in the cultural district of Center City—the heart of downtown Philadelphia.  During your summer at UArts, you'll immerse yourself in creating and grow artistically.  But creativity doesn’t stop when classes end.  Between impromptu jam sessions and open studios, you'll find yourself creating something new with a classmate from the other side of the world or exploring one of the world-class museums, theaters, or concert halls—all within a short walk from campus—with teachers and friends.
Life @ UArts

Residence Halls + Community Advisors Dining Services
Apartment + Roommate Assignment Health & Wellness 
Supervision Facilities
Security Student Lounges
Residential Curfew Weekends
Housing Orientation  

Residence Halls + Community Advisors
The apartment-style residence halls come with private bathrooms and air conditioning in each unit.  Washing machines and dryers are available in all residence halls for a fee. Juniper Hall apartments feature shared bedrooms for 2 - 4 students, common area, and kitchens. Spruce Hall features large studio apartments shared by 2 - 3 students with kitchenettes. Male-identifying and female-identifying students reside on separate floors within the residence halls.  Bedrooms are equipped with a bed, dresser, and desk for each student.  A public safety officer is stationed in the residence halls 24 hours per day, and students use their UArts photo ID to gain access to their residence hall.  No guests are permitted in the residence halls.

All residence halls are supervised by professional UArts staff, including Community Advisors (CAs) and Resident Directors. You will become well acquainted with your CA, who will provide guidance about the city, the school, or life in general.

For photos of the Residence Halls, visit our Flickr page.

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Apartment + Roommate Assignment
Housing assignments are based on gender identity, program length, academic program, and student comments on the housing form. Female-identifying students and male-identifying students live on separate floors of the residence halls.

The University cannot share roommate information prior to move-in due to student privacy. Every effort is made to accommodate mutual requests for students to reside together. In such cases, each student's name must appear on the other student’s housing form and be signed by parents.  Students must be admitted to programs of the same duration.  These requests must be made at the time of application.

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There are a number of undergraduate students and professional staff members who reside in the residential halls and supervise students in the Pre-College Summer Institute. All Residential Life staff members report to the Director of Student Life, who is actively engaged in the welfare of Pre-College Summer Institute students.

All residence halls are supervised by professional Pre-College staff, including Community Advisors (CAs), Area Coordinators and a Resident Director. You will become well acquainted with your CA, who will provide guidance about the city, the school or life in general.

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Each UArts Residence Hall is staffed with a security officer 24 hours per day. Only students who live in a residence hall is permitted to enter that residence hall. Students must wear University issued ID cards which include their residence hall. No guests are permitted in the residential halls at any time, with the exception of parents on move-in and move-out days only.
More about Safety @ UArts

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Residential Curfew + Nightly Check-In
For safety purposes, all students are required to observe a weekday and weekend residential curfew and check-in. Check-in time is 10:00 pm on weekdays and weekends. Students who miss check-in are in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and may be dismissed.

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Housing Orientation
Specific Housing Orientation for parents and students are held on the evening of move-in. The Parent Orientation is optional, although highly recommended. It takes place simultaneously to the CA floor meeting, which residential students attend at 2 pm on Sunday, July 7th. The Parent Orientation addresses issues of safety, security and student life, as well as academic issues.

All students attend a mandatory Housing Orientation designed to provide residential students with information regarding campus resources, rules and regulations pertaining to residential life, as well as personal safety on and around the University campus.

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Dining Services
In the spirit of community, we require all Summer Institute residential students to participate in a meal plan, and we encourage commuters to participate as well.  Meal plans include all you can eat freshly prepared salads, deli sandwiches, pasta dishes, pizzas, and more.

Residential Meal Plans include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Monday - Saturday; brunch and dinner on Sundays.

Commuter Meal Plans are optional and include lunch Monday through Friday.

The Dining Services team is committed to providing food for all types of dietary needs and lifestyles.  There are several dining areas on campus, including the main dining facility in Terra Hall, where all Pre-College students dine. The Dining Services team is happy to offer a wide selection of vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-free culinary options and are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions.  

Commuters who do not purchase the meal plan cannot eat in the dining hall.  If a student's class is held in Anderson Hall, he/she can eat a packed lunch on the Mezzanine level and if a student's class is in Terra Hall, he/she can eat on the 16th floor.  There are tables and chair for students to enjoy their meals comfortably on campus.  Also, students may go to Hamilton Hall and enjoy either of the two shaded, outdoor courtyards at one of the picnic tables.

In addition to the meal plan, students can enjoy take-out or dining from one of the many restaurants Philadelphia has to offer.

Learn more: Dining Services

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Health Services
UArts is dedicated to keeping all Pre-College students safe and healthy. Health Services are administered by a certified nurse on campus, at no extra cost to the student. Counseling services are also included and available to students who need or want assistance. Students who need emergency care are taken to Jefferson Hospital, located just a few blocks from campus, at the student’s expense.

All students are required to submit health forms, insurance information, and immunization reports before arriving on campus. The Director of Health Services will review all medical information before the start of the summer program to ensure that all student needs can be met.

More about Health & Wellness @ UArts

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Our facilities are a mix of historic and contemporary buildings which have been redesigned and updated to meet the needs of artists and performers. All buildings are located along the Avenue of the Arts. Each campus classroom, studio, lab, performance space, and gallery is air-conditioned.

UArts’ extensive on-campus library includes a collection of books, magazines, films, slides, music and more. Philadelphia’s Free Library is also a wonderful resource and is located just a few blocks away from campus.

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Student Lounges
Student lounges provide areas for students to relax and socialize with other students. There are lounges located in each residence hall as well as a large Pre-College lounge located in Hamilton Hall. The Pre-College lounge includes couches and chairs, flat screen TVs, game consoles, movies and magazines, and an eating area.

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Residential and Commuter students are expected to attend all classes, rehearsals, and required trips and activities, including those scheduled on Saturdays. Sunday activities are optional.  All residential students are expected to stay on campus for the duration of the program, including each weekend. There is no weekend release.
Visit Policies to view the full Weekend Release Policy.

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