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Sample Courses in the Photo + Film Major

First Year
Drawing or Video Production
Video Production

Second Year
Intro to Black & White Photo
The Art of Editing
Digital Photo Workshop
History of Narrative Cinema
Collaborative Studio

Third Year
Junior Production Workshop
Studio Photography
Lens Based Media Workshop
Sound Design
Select one:
Critical Issues in Photo 
Time: A Seminar
Film Forum: Selected Topics

Fourth Year
Senior Photo Workshop or Senior Thesis I/II
Film Internship
Photo Internship

About the Curriculum – Photo + Film Media

The major in Photo + Film Media will allow you to explore the possibilities of film and photography at the same time, to consider the complex relationship between still images and the moving pictures, to acquire an understanding of the larger cultural, historical and aesthetic contexts of each field and how they interrelate, to learn photography and film techniques, and to create a capstone project of your choosing that integrates film and photography in innovative ways.

Working closely with award-winning, professional photographers and filmmakers, and in collaboration with your peers, your classes are a mixture of hands-on instruction, lectures, screenings and critiques. You can take advantage of study abroad and internship opportunities, and elective credits allow you to explore your chosen fields more deeply, or to sample the wide range of visual and performing arts offerings throughout the university.

Graduates of the Photo + Film Media program will demonstrate:

  • a developed personal, artistic vision.
  • critical thinking skills and analyses of various genres, and historical and cultural contexts in film and photography.
  • an ability to traverse the traditional boundaries between photography and film
  • an ability to synthesize film and photographic techniques to create innovative hybrid work.
  • technical and aesthetic proficiency in creating photographs and films.
  • an understanding of professional practices in the fields of film and photography.
  • professional photography and film skills in a collaborative environment.

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