Rande Blank

Art Education (MAT)

Rande Blank has been the Director of the MAT in Visual Arts Education program since 2012 and a faculty member with UARTS - Art + Design Education department since 2003, teaching graduate courses, and mentoring students in their practicum experiences. As Certification Officer & Coordinator of Student Teaching, she develops partnerships with a variety of educational agencies, oversees the placement of art education students in their internships, and mentors students as they enter the professional world of teaching. Over the past 25 years, she has been an art educator in a diverse array of settings, from public & private classrooms, teaching art and special education. She has taught in elementary and middle school classes throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has had adjunct positions at various art colleges and universities. Her personal artwork includes designing and creating mosaic pieces from recycled materials.

Rande graduated with a MEd in Special Education from Arcadia University and received a BS in Advertising & Design from the University of Maryland and completed art education certification requirements at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. In addition to being an artist and art educator, Rande has been a presenter at university, state and national conferences.  Most recently she has been selected to be on the Advisory Council for the Design-Ed organization and the Director of the Higher Education Division for the Pennsylvania Art Education Association.

Explore Art Education (BFA+MAT) at UArts

Explore Art Education (MAT) at UArts