UArts alum Derek Dressler in center of two colleagues dressed in tuxedos on Emmy Awards red carpet, holding Emmy statuettes

BFA '05

Writing for Film & TV

In addition to majoring in Writing for Film + Television, I minored in Film, and a big part of that was working with actors and other students from other departments, learning the nature of collaboration. I took acting and musical theater classes, and I married an illustrator.



Derek Dressler '05 is a writer of animated films and TV shows, and winner of a 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program for his work on the Disney Channel Mickey Mouse short O Sole Minnie.

"You have to be ready to collaborate," he says, "because in the studio system you might rewrite a script over and over again, then toss it out and start over. Because the faculty at UArts actually worked in the industry, that reality was drilled into my head, in a good way."

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