Jessica Jenkins MA '12 (Museum Communications)

MA '12 (Museum Communications)

Museum Studies (MA)

Jessica is currently the Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at the Delaware Art Museum. Prior to joining the Delaware Art Museum in 2012, Jessica was the Director of Communications at Woodmere Art Museum where she helped launch the Museum’s first online collection website and expand new events and programs. She also worked as a graphic designer, web designer, and marketing consultant for businesses, nonprofits, and a variety of private clients.

At the Delaware Art Museum, Jessica manages various teams to develop creative marketing and PR campaigns, engage diverse new audiences, expand social media content, and build after-hours events and programs. She thrives on creative partnerships and works with local partners and businesses to connect the surrounding community to art.

She currently serves on the Board for the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM), a nonprofit organization that represents museum professionals, organizations, and institutions in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. She has also served on the Board of the Chris White Community Development Corporation and the Brandywine Valley Museums and Gardens Alliance.

Jessica holds a BFA in Illustration (’06) and a MA in Museum Communication (’12) from the University of the Arts. Jessica also teaches courses in the Museum Studies department and continues to follow her passion for arts, culture, and mission-driven organizations.

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