Nijel Taylor Headshot Graphic Design Alumni

BFA '14

Graphic Design (BFA)

Since age 4, I had always been drawing, painting, animating or designing something. It was only natural that I stumbled upon UArts. What I didn’t know was that I was fortunate enough to end up at a university with a Graphic Design program with a 50-year tradition of success. The program almost stretched me beyond my limits and, by the end of it all, I knew it had changed me for the better. I became more aware and respectful of my creative process. I never knew how my projects would evolve, and to me that is greatest gift of design thinking: It highlights endless possibilities while guiding you towards the truest path.

As a senior designer now at Superunion, a global branding agency, it’s patience and the willingness to be comfortable with doubt that yields some of my best creative work. These successes have resulted from a beginning where I never forecast the end, but trusted my creative process to arrive at an inventive solution.

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