Painting + Drawing


Harleysville, PA

What is one thing you didn't know about UArts that new students might be interested to learn?

UArts has a fantastic Liberal Arts division, with a wide range of course options, which is made possible by the size of the school and the diversity of fields of study. Whereas some smaller art schools specifically focusing on one field may have a smaller and more limited range of Liberal Arts course offerings, UArts enables its students to delve into a variety of subjects; although I’m in the College of Art, I’ve been able to take courses from 20th Century American Literature to Dance History, and Ethics to Contemporary Novel – courses are also available in subjects such as Arabic and Anthropology. Through the Division of Liberal Arts, I’ve been able to declare minors in Philosophy and Art History.

What's your favorite thing to do in Philly?

Go to see art!!! Philly has a great community of visual artists and artist collectives, which are spread throughout the city. Philadelphia has a great, tightly knit art scene that is also incredibly accessible, and people are generally extremely enthusiastic about connecting with students. Everyone knows everyone, so it’s easy to meet people. My other favorite thing to do in Philly is to find yummy food. Govinda's Vegetarian has the best vegan chicken cheese steaks - right across the street from the Arts Bank!!!

What did an average week in your first year look like?

Monday:  Core classes (Image/Time & Object/Environment), evenings

Tuesday: First Year Writing and Intro to Glass

Wednesday:  Art History and Intro to Painting

Thursday:  Core classes (Image/Time & Object Environment)

Friday:  Fun stuff! (First Friday openings, museums, friends, video games, SLEEP)

Weekend:  Studio work – either in the dorm or in Anderson Hall