CIM Offers Hands-On Production Course in the Fall

May 14, 2021

Looking to expand and enhance your performance practice? Interested in how to integrate into your creative practice some of the most cutting-edge production used in the visual and performing arts? 

Join Center for Immersive Media (CIM) Director Alan Price this fall for an in-person production course, CIM*301*02 Motion Capture Production, which you can find in the portal under Select Topics and Immersive Media.

This course will be held in the motion-capture studio, where you will get hands-on experience for creative applications ranging from camera tracking and hand-held 3-D controllers to high-end optical tracking systems. You will be introduced to methods of gesture-based and full-body tracking as input for performance, immersive art and even how it can be used to generate graphics or audio.

Motion Capture Production is open to all disciplines, and the course content and exercises can be adjusted to work in your artistic practice. To be successful, you should have some familiarity with 3-D graphics applications and an ability to learn new software. 

To learn more about opportunities for courses and immersive media, visit CIM during New Student Orientation in August.

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