Alumni-Owned Small Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

December 7, 2020

Looking to buy small and/or local this holiday season? Here are just a few of our favorite alumni-owned small businesses you can support this holiday season, most of whom live and work around Philly. Happy shopping!

Adrienne Langer Prints & Illustrations
Adrienne Langer BFA ’09 (Illustration) 

Books & Stuff
Lynn Washington BFA ’81 (Graphic Design) 

Books by Greg Pizzoli
Greg Pizzoli MFA ’09 (Book Arts & Printmaking)

Call Me Chartreuse
Charnelle Pinkney Barlow BFA ’10 (Illustration)

Christina Hess Illustration
Christina Hess BFA '98 (Illustration) 

Elaine Chu BFA ‘85 (Graphic Design

Harriet’s Bookshop
Jeannine A. Cook BS ’04 (Communications & Media Studies), MA ’14 (Art Education)

Where Monsters Meet
Gretchen K. Deahl BFA ’82 (Illustration) 

Dackel Photography
Jamielee Kircher BFA ’07 (Photography) and Jacqueline Passaro BFA ’07 (Photography) 

Mary Anne Broderick Photography
Mary Anne Broderick CERT ’11 (Digital Photography)

Francesca Cervero Yoga and Wellness
Francesca Cervero BFA ’05 (Dance) 

Kristin G. Fitness
Kristin Gahwiler BFA ’94 (Dance)

Massage Studio of Philadelphia
Laura Jenkins BFA ’07 (Dance)

Mi Cumbia Boutique Nail Spa
Hustino Mitchell BFA ’01 (Sculpture)

Spirit Gate Acupuncture
Thomas Dorn BM ’02 (Music Performance)

At Home Modern
Bobbie Ann Tilkens-Fisher MA ’03 (Museum Education)

bz design stuff
Barbara Zuckerman Chotiner MFA ’06 (Book Arts & Printmaking)

Calamity Ware
Don Moyer BFA ’70 (Graphic Design)

Elle Tobin Designs
Danielle Tobin BFA ’99 (Crafts)

jclay Pottery
Jeana Greulach BFA ’95 (Acting)

Katie O’Neill BFA ’04 (Crafts)

Only Meesh Handmade
Michele Nichols BFA ’07 (Graphic Design)

Remark Glass
Rebecca Davies MFA ’11 (Book Arts & Printmaking)

Robert Haskell BFA ’14 (Sculpture)

Rosalie Sherman Sculptural Hardware
Rosalie Sherman BFA ’68 (Sculpture)

Jillian Rose Keys BFA ’11 (Theater Design & Technology)

Big Sound Guitar Repair
Andy Bree BM ’10 (Composition)

Livid Instruments
Jason Smith BFA ’02 (Multimedia) 

Soulo Mute
Mike Jarosz BM ’00 (Music Performance), MM '01 (Jazz)

Casey Sharpe Jewelry
Casey Sharpe BFA ’09 (Crafts) 

Elana Jovero Jewelry
Elana Jovero BFA ’12 (Crafts)

Meeka Fine Jewelry
Monika Krol BFA ‘06 (Crafts) 

Old Blood Jewelry & Wears
Morgan Jamison BFA ’09 (Crafts)

Amelie’s Bark Shop
Jackie Starker BS ’10 (Industrial Design)

Hound About Town & Hazel Baby
Donovan Cain BM ’03 (Music Performance)

Lunaria Gardens
Kristen J. Vietty BFA ’08 (Printmaking)

Good Buy Supply
Emily Rodia BFA '11 (Painting & Drawing)
Jason Rusnock BFA '11 (Photography)

Mio Culture
Jaime Salm BS ’01 (Industrial Design)

Craft Foundry
Minna Aaparyti BFA ’90 (Printmaking) 

Patience Brewster
Patience Brewster BFA ’74 (Printmaking)