A photo of Natalie Devlin


Dance (BFA)

Hometown: Mount Laurel, NJ

Why did you decide to become a FYG?

I decided to become a FYG because I love being a point person in school and supporting the UArts community. After doing this for several years now, I still love doing it.

What's your favorite part about the UArts community?

I love how creative the community is. I can always rely on my peers and teachers to support my creative work as well as support me emotionally as a young aspiring artist.

Why should new students attend New Student Orientation?

It is so important to attend NSO because it is a jumpstart into a successful career as a UArts student. NSO grants students a fully immersive experience in getting to know the school, staff, resources and current students—all of which are willing to help them on their college journey.