Trombone Z Band


Professional working musicians might perform in a pit orchestra one evening and a nightclub the next. The range of styles you need to know today is diverse and eclectic requiring flexibility and fluency.

Therefore, we offer a huge variety of ensembles you won't find anywhere else. The major emphasis of these ensembles is placed on fostering musicianship, creativity, group interaction and leadership skills while becoming familiar with a wide range of contemporary, experimental and traditional musical styles.

"The UArts School of Music offers an incomparable mix of jazz and contemporary American music, unique and traditional ensembles, countless educational and professional performance opportunities, world-renowned artist/teachers, and a creative and collaborative environment, all in an exciting urban setting in the heart of the arts district of downtown Philadelphia."
-Marc Dicciani, former Director of the School of Music

There are numerous small jazz combos as well as the following groups devoted to specific genres, styles, or the music of specific artists:

  • "Z" Big Band
  • Transfusion Ensemble
  • Arranged Standards
  • Studio One: 
  • Hip Hop Ensemble
  • Femme Ensemble
  • Jazz Composers
  • Vocal Session Ensemble
  • Salsa Ensemble
  • Rock Ensemble
  • Trumpet Choir
  • Trombone Choir
  • Saxophone Quartet
  • Handbell Ensemble
  • John Swana Ensemble
  • Marc Dicciani Ensemble
  • Octonics
  • University Chorus
  • Women's Ensemble

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