A closeup of Matt Curtius in a dark shirt against a white background

Illustration (BFA)

Matt Curtius is an award-winning illustrator, artist and educator whose creative practice is a collaboration with his partner, Gina Triplett. He has taught Illustration courses at UArts since 2005.


Matt Curtius received his BFA in 1996 and his MAT in 1997, both from Maryland Institute College of Art. In undergrad, he studied painting, while his partner, Gina Triplett, studied illustration. Together, and over time, they established a practice that spans both disciplines.

Their painting practice explores an interest in the connections between the natural and synthetic worlds, alongside the specific dynamics of two individuals coming together within a singular artistic creation.

Those who contact them for illustration projects most often take their cues from these and other themes the duo first explores on their own. This has led to illustrated content that uses botanical, organic and animal imagery in both symbolic and literal manners to tell stories, convey concepts and create beautiful environments.

Curtius and Triplett live near campus, where they are raising their two children to be artists.


  • Curtius’ collaborative illustrations with Triplett have graced everything from snowboards to murals, and from children’s books to T-shirts. They have collaborated with clients that include Whole Foods, Macys, Urban Outfitters, Comcast, Scholastic, Knopf, MIT Press, The New York Times and many others. 

  • This work has been chronicled in several books on illustration, including Drawn to Type: Lettering for Illustrators by Marty Blake and 50 Years of Illustration by Laurence Zeegan and Caroline Roberts.

  • The studio’s fine art has been exhibited widely, including at the Beijing Biennale, China; Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington; Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia; and galleries in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere.

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Awards & Accolades

Curtius has received 

  • the Richard C. von Hess Faculty Prize University of the Arts;

  • the Geraldine R. Dodge Award from Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts; and 

  • the Maybelle Longstreet Prize by Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia. 

His illustrations have been recognized by all the major press and institutions in illustration, including several times by the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Print Magazine and Communication Arts.

I enjoy bringing my energy as an active artist and illustrator into the classroom. My students and I have that common connection—that we have devoted our lives to the same inspiring yet demanding endeavor—and it’s that spirit that carries us through as we work together to build them toward their own creative practices. – Matt Curtius

A still life of pink and blue and white flowers with varying bloom shapes and states of blooming and wilting in a gray stone vase against a deep blue background
An intricately decorated white flowerpot with blue designs holding a plant with oval flat leaves that have a linear maroon pattern on them standing on a blue cube with red and white and yellow paint smudges against a black background
An illustrated book cover that features white and pink and purple flowers with green stems on a black background for the book titled In Search of Perfumes by Dominique Roques