Three students hang out in Spruce Residence hall.

Residence Life Mission & Cornerstones


Working in partnership with students and collaboratively with other members of the UArts community, the Office of Campus Life strives to provide a safe, inclusive and supportive campus environment which complements and extends the educational and creative experience of students.

Cornerstones of Campus Life

With a student-centered approach, programs and services are developed and provided with an emphasis on community and individual development. These efforts help to foster a spirit of mutual respect within a diverse and dynamic community. Campus Life seeks to create an educational environment that promotes holistic wellness to create a caring, engaged and responsible community.

Community: Nurturing our vibrant UArts community that holds accountability and participation at the center. Our diverse communal living environment fosters interdependence, meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging. 

Personal Development: Empowering students through formative experiences to gain life lessons and helpful skills for self discovery and personal responsibility. 

Respect: Promoting healthy and civil interactions that are inclusive, open and honest dialogue, and through finding restorative and solution based practices when there are differences. 

Wellness: Prioritizing all students’ holistic care and well being, including access to campus resources and support networks.