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Discover UArts

Our creative and cultural history has been monumental in proving what artists of all kinds have known for as long as there has been art: The arts are crucial to humanity’s survival. 

And as an artist, you are vital to the world’s understanding of ourselves and each other. You provide voices for those without them, you effect social change, you envision and create the world we want to live in. You’re an adventurer. You’re a creator. You shape culture. 

There is no more meaningful work than creating community, sculpting society and making your mark. 

It’s why you’re an artist. And it’s why we’re University of the Arts. 

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About UArts

University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, develops innovative, creative leaders—because we all contain multitudes.

We’re one of the only arts schools in the U.S. that make it possible for you to work and collaborate across traditional boundaries.

More than 20 minors are open to all students, so animators can study guitar, dancers can minor in photography, creative writers can take classes in illustration.

You’re more than one thing. And so are we.

UArts is home to more than 20 undergraduate areas of study that produce leaders and award-winners across every discipline each year in schools of Art, Dance, Design, Film, Music and Theater.

We also have

  • 6 academic buildings in the heart of Philadelphia’s booming arts district.

  • 10 professional performance venues on campus.

  • 12 exhibition/gallery spaces on campus.

  • Approximately 1,500 students from 42 states and 16 foreign countries.

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Mission and Values

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Our Mission: To Advance Human Creativity

University of the Arts is dedicated to advancing human creativity in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world.

We believe creativity is the true catalyst for social and economic change and the most essential skill for success in today’s society.

We deliver a diverse curriculum, grounded in critical inquiry and creative practice, which enables students to both explore and transcend different artistic disciplines.

We are committed to being the place of choice for thinkers, doers and dreamers—a constantly evolving university devoted to the art and science of creativity for a better world.

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Our Values

Integrity & Diversity
UArts is a supportive community committed to individual and artistic integrity and inclusion. We promote and respect self-expression, a wide range of ideas and diversity in all its forms.

Excellence, Creativity & Passion
With a focus on excellence, we inspire, challenge and support the unconventional thinkers, dreamers and doers who are passionate about using their creative works to impact society.

Connections & Collaboration
We connect design and the performing, visual, communication and liberal arts in the classroom and the community, expanding artistic possibilities, outcomes and lives through creative collaboration.


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Learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at UArts.

Read more about our mission and values.



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Areas of Study

UArts is




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Life at UArts

The choices you’ll have at UArts and in Philly will prepare you for boundless creativity and professional success—however you define it—throughout your life.

Meet Our Students



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Life in Philly


One of the best cities in the U.S. for creatives.

— Thrillist, 2019


Our campus is located in the cultural district of Center City—the heart of downtown Philadelphia. We’re surrounded by theaters, restaurants, creative agencies, dance companies, jazz clubs, coffee shops, performance venues and more, so it’s no surprise that plenty of artists, designers, performers, writers and creators call UArts—and Philly—home.

Most affordable large city in the U.S.

226 performance venues
150 parks
137 landmarks
3,000+ places to eat
104 museums

3,600 murals

156 design studios

162 galleries

4,000+ nonprofit organizations

65 miles of bike trails


Explore Philadelphia and UArts.

See our campus map and directions.

Meet Our Faculty

This is just a sample of the kinds of artists and innovators you’ll be taught by, and work with, at UArts.
It’s not like us to brag, but …

Alumni Success

Creativity is central to the world’s society. That means you can make a living doing what you love. Skeptical? Check out the success UArts alumni had after graduation and learn about what they accomplished while they were a student. 

Student Work

As an artist, it’s really super-important to fail and to learn from those failures. I think you learn more from failure than success. Be patient, and try not to have any regrets.
— Peter Krashes, painter and visiting artist

You’ll learn a lot (and we mean A LOT) at UArts: You’ll sharpen your self-expression. You’ll explore new methods and use new tools and find new friends, culture and the adventure that lies in living in Philadelphia. You’ll find a new home in our community of creators.

But whether you’re a performer or a visual artist or a writer or a filmmaker or a designer, the most important thing you’ll do is create and explore and experiment, find the media you love, and make your art—no matter the medium—in our dozens of studios.

Check out some of the recent work by UArts Unicorns.



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Advancing Creative Space

Recently, University of the Arts has opened new spaces and launched programs that create future-facing opportunities for students to gain new and emerging skills and bring new techniques and perspectives to their practices.

The Center for Immersive Media (CIM) is a 5,600-square-foot facility dedicated to exploring the fields of virtual and mixed reality, performance motion-capture, and human-computer interaction. CIM is the largest such center in the region. 

The Laurie Wagman Recording Studios allow students to explore all facets of music production, including composition, sound design, digital and analog recording, mixing, and mastering. Housed in the School of Music, these state-of-the-art studios live alongside brand-new rehearsal, classroom, office, lab and production spaces.

The Philadelphia Art Alliance at UArts — housed in one of the first multidisciplinary art spaces in the U.S.— debuted with the School for Temporary Liveness, an immersive program created by the School of Dance, and hosted a portion of UArts’ expansive Invisible City: Philadelphia and the Vernacular of the Avant-Garde exhibit. 

Lightbox Film Center, Philadelphia’s premier exhibitor of cutting-edge and avant-garde film and moving image art, is housed at UArts. Lightbox screenings are free for UArts students. 

Take classes for no extra cost at Thomas Jefferson University, a Philadelphia-based institution that focuses on creativity, the sciences and liberal arts. Through our partnership with Jefferson, students can explore how, where and why art, science and the human experience intersect.

UArts is an ever-evolving institution committed to creating spaces for our students to pioneer artistic, creative and social change.



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Connect with UArts

No matter where you are in life, there is a place for you at UArts. Whether you’re just beginning high school or looking to transfer to a new institution, connect with us to get to know our creative community.

All high school students

Join a Pre-College program. You’ll work with industry professionals, collaborate with other creatives and get a head start preparing for college.

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Visit UArts! Join us for a campus tour, an information session or visit virtually if you can't make it in person. Sign up for a preliminary portfolio review with our Admissions counselors and learn about what makes a portfolio stand out. Look out for Open House programs that will connect you with faculty and current students so you can get to know the UArts community.

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Submit your application and check your portal to sign up for an audition or to upload your portfolio. Be sure to complete the FAFSA to be considered for federal need-based aid. Connect with your Admissions Counselor for guidance throughout the application process. Accepted students are invited to attend our admitted student event, Admit One, in April.

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In addition to visiting UArts and connecting with your Admissions counselor, join us for a Transfer Night. You’ll learn everything you need to know.

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International Students

Connect with your Admissions counselor to learn about the application requirements for international students and the many resources available to you.

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Applying & Financial Aid

Join our vibrant, vital community of unconventional thinkers, doers and dreamers.

UArts operates on a rolling admission basis, which means we receive and process applications throughout the year as space remains available in each program. 

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Portfolio & Audition Information

When you apply to University of the Arts, you must audition, submit a portfolio or complete an interview depending on the area of study.

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Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships

All UArts students are considered for scholarships at the time of admission. No special application is required. Last year, UArts awarded more than $32 million in scholarships and grants to the nearly 98% of students who were eligible for some type of financial aid. Grant aid is available to eligible students for studying abroad and graduate study.

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Be a young mind. Don’t worry about how you look, how people may or may not be perceiving you. We all have to have a sense of peace to do this project from, this project called life. Focus on your instrument, focus on your voice, the music you’re passionate about. Enjoy where you’re at.
— Ingrid Jensen, jazz trumpeter and visiting artist