Community Standards

Office Mission
The Office of Campus Life works to promote a civil educational environment for all community members and to educate students on community values and expectations. As a UArts student, you are an integral part of a greater community. UArts expects all community members to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. UArts students that reside in our residence halls or are guests of our residential students are expected to abide by the University Residential Living Policies. The Office of Campus Life addresses incidents where an alleged violation of campus policies has taken place and provides a fair, unbiased conduct process for accused students to address allegations of misconduct brought against them.

It is important to note that the University’s conduct process is designed to be educational in nature. Through our interactions with students, we strive to support the mission of the University of the Arts as well as that of the Division of Student Affairs. Towards this goal, our process is designed to provide students with opportunities for dialogue and reflection.

UArts is a member institution of the SUNY Student Conduct Institute (SCI). The Title IX Coordinator, AVP for Human Resources, AVP for Student Affairs, appeal officers, investigators, and hearing officers receive training through the SCI. Posted training materials can be found on the SCI website. For questions, please contact

Institutional Member of the Student Conduct Institute, The State University of New York