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Semester Abroad and Short Travel

UArts recognizes that in an increasingly global society, experience abroad can make a significant impact on an artist’s work. 

Immersion in another culture provides intellectual enrichment and exposure to new ways of making and creating.  Study Away programs take you out of your comfort zone to expand on the lessons you’ve learned on campus and broaden your world view.

Most students find that a semester abroad works best in their third year of study. Planning should begin in the fall of the second year – or even the first year at UArts. Petitions to study abroad take some time to complete. Begin planning now for your adventure abroad!

Semester Abroad / Study Away Application

*A list of all study abroad and exchange schools, with corresponding UArts academic discipline, is available on the Application.

Educational Accessibility for Semester Abroad / Study Away 

Short Travel

The Short Travel program consists of faculty-led Study Away courses that meet during academic breaks: Winter (mid-December to mid-January), Spring (generally the second week in March), and Summer (generally mid-May through Mid-August). Short Travel course packages range from $3,200 - $4,500 for a two-week experience.  

Short Travel Trips typically include:

  International or domestic airfare or ground transportation
  Transportation from site to site, city to city 
  Accommodations and special meals
  Immersive cultural experiences and free time to explore
  Knowledgeable tour guides
  Admission to cultural sites
  24-hour emergency assistance

Additional tuition fees apply when auditing, course overloading, and in the summer semester. You'll receive credit in the semester of the experience. Most of the courses are open to UArts students outside of the program major.

Details about upcoming Short Travel Courses are below, please contact Mara Flamm, Director of International Programs for details. 

London, Winter 2024

The London Theatre Experience Enjoy the amazing London theater plays, acting workshops at the famous Globe theater, and the beautiful sites and city of London! January 4th-14th, 2024 Faculty: Kikau Alvaro and Krista Apple (Search "Application" in Student Forms card to apply)

Travel Course Application

Kenya, Winter 2024

Kenya: International Social Entrepreneurship and Bio-sustainable Farming Enjoy living and participating in the life of a bio-sustainable Kenyan family farm that also acts as a community farm and learning center. January 4th-14th, 2024 Faculty: TBD (Search "Application" in Student Forms card to apply)

Travel Course Application

Japan, Winter 2024

Japan Art and Culture: Space & Place Enjoy being immersed in the art, culture, and spiritual richness of the ancient and contemporary cities of Kyoto, Tokyo, and Osaka. January 3rd-13, 2024 Faculty: Michele Kishita and Rob George (Search "Application" in Student Forms card to apply)

Travel Course Application


Student Financial Services provides counseling and information for students who wish to study abroad.

Additional Costs
You should budget for passport application fees, any non-included meals (see your itinerary for details), an international cell phone plan, optional Travel Protection Plan, luggage overage fees and hotel incidentals.

Cancellation & Refunds
Deposits are only refundable if the class is canceled or if your application is denied. You can use financial aid to pay deposits.

  • Attend information session(s) and pre-departure sessions.
  • Review the program policies.
  • Review the Study Away Educational Accessibility information. 
  • Prepare your travel documents.
    • Check on Visa requirements for your expected travel dates and destinations.
    • Review the Passport FAQ
  • Consider health preparations and insurance.
  • Make financial preparations—meet with Student Financial Services as soon as you know you want to participate in a Study Away program.
  • Compile the contact information to use in case of emergency and keep it handy.
  • Prepare for your trip with language support and assistance—the UArts Library website has a great resource for learning languages called Pronunciator.


Dr. Mara Flamm, Director of International Programs