By Kevin Kypers '12 (Animation)

“Tu as rêvé de quoi cette nuit?”
It is French for some such nonsense
I could never learn

It was raining in Gatineau
As I wandered ze lonely streets
Searching for something I don't know
I thought I would find my homeland
But instead found fried potatoes
I sought comfort in your bosom
Dreamed what our baby might look like
In you I found home

Boston is for ze young hopefuls
But I must wake up from my dreams
I will “a-haw-haw” at your cats,
Call rum & Coke "Holden Caulfield"
Ze tears and holes left by this world
Cannot all be healed with Scotch tape
For I have lost you

My body may wrinkle and tear
My mother's name may fade away
But not memories
I must leave you now, “mon chéri”
I don't speak “ze language of love”
I will take lessons

So kiss kiss, mwah mwah