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Theater Design & Technology (BFA)

The best artists I have ever known are universally curious: they want to know how things work, how systems came to exist, how to make things that have never existed before. But they also thrive on generosity: they know working in theatre fundamentally requires the collaborative spirit of many. They invite and abundantly give gifts of time, of resources, of discovery, of kindness. They are generous with themselves, and with others. We can land in a place of creative joy if we lay a foundation of generosity first; I would argue it is in some ways the most necessary part of our work.

Katherine Fritz  is a costume designer, theatre artist and educator. A proud freelancer who thrives in collaborative environments, she has balanced her work as an award-winning costume designer on Philadelphia’s regional stages with her passion for theatre education and for the students in her care. Work history includes Arden Theatre Company, Delaware Theatre Company, Lightning Rod Special, Theatre Exile, InterAct Theatre Company and the award-winning education programs at McCarter Theatre Center. As a writer, her work has been featured in American Theatre Magazine, Sondheim Review, Washington Post and the New York Times. She currently serves as managing director of Pennsylvania Theatre Institute, a summer performing arts program at West Chester University. 

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