October 4, 2019


  What is UArts Day? 
UArts Day is a campus-wide celebration and challenge that builds community, expands our connections to Philadelphia and strengthens the creative and professional skills of our students. In 2018, more than 30 alumni and 18 community partners worked with us connecting our students to creative Philadelphia. 

 What happens on UArts Day? 
Students engage in city-orienting, professional practice and collaborative cross-departmental events. This years activities include a line-up of more than 50 city-wide challenges, workshops, field trips and engagements.

We celebrate our community from 4-7pm with the UArts Day Block Party!

Student Events 
All programming for UArts Day will be listed on the UArts App by September 23. Students must download the UArts App to complete activities during UArts Day. 

Students can download the app here: 

Apple iTunes App Store -  UArts App

Android Google Play Store - UArts App

Any student with issues downloading the app should email studentaffairs@uarts.edu for assistance.

 I'm an alum - how can I get involved? 
We invite alumni to host a UArts Day Activity, allowing students to meet successful alumni throughout Philadelphia. These activities can take a variety of formats from drop-in studio visits and facility tours, to informal meet-and-greets at sites of relevance throughout the city. These activities provide our students with the opportunity to meet successful alum face-to-face while also visiting a new venue, cultural site or part of the city. Interested? Email us at uartsday@uarts.edu.

 I'm a community partner - how can I get involved? 
In 2018, we partnered with creative organizations like the American Poetry Review, Quirk Publishing, and the Ritz Theaters that hosted our students for site-visits. We also worked with 6 local food trucks for our block party celebration. If you're interested in partnering to host our students, or are interested in sponsoring a component of our celebration, we would love to hear from you. Email us at uartsday@uarts.edu.

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UArts Day is a campus-wide celebration that builds community, expands our connections to Philadelphia and strengthens the creative and professional skills of our students.

We want to appeal to the full spectrum of our student body from inwardly focused to those more outwardly engaged. We envision UArts Day as an opportunity to get out of the classroom and collaborate in a range of activities, from the analog to the futuristic and the participatory to the reflective. These are open to all students throughout the day organized by faculty, staff and students.

As a reminder, no classes are to take place on Friday, October 4, in order for students to participate in this mandatory day.

What's new this year?

  • All activities are open to all students (we are removing the freshman/upperclassman separation)
  • All UArts Day activities will be worth 1 point, and all activities are listed in the UArts app. Prizes will be awarded to the students for high points, creative responses to activities, and energy throughout UArts Day
  • The theme for faculty and staff led activities - The Artist Citizen
  • Activity tracks
  • All faculty and staff can propose activities

The Artist Citizen

You can’t change the world unless you understand it. Through events and activities focused on the theme, the Artist-Citizen, we will work with students to foster an understanding of their role and ability to affect an audience, to meet the minds of other people or to simply bring joy to people. The Artist-Citizen shares a dedication to their craft, an entrepreneurial spirit, a healthy relationship to self and a commitment to society.

Activity Tracks

  • Do It Yourself with Other People —collaborations; examples might include: a drawing marathon or CIM video mixing workshop, podcast studio, networking, theater production
  • Technology & A Changing World—how do we maintain empathy and human interaction in an increasingly digital environment; examples might include: prosocial gaming, virtual reality experience, AI implications for the workforce, or a panel discussion of makers
  • Connecting to Community & Beyond—acts of assistance, leadership, kindness, service, volunteering
  • Health, Wellness & Self-Care for Makers - focused on self-care these activity examples might include: group exercise classes, personal finance program, mindfulness workshop

What sorts of activities can you plan?

  • Workshops, classes, networking events, productions, field trips, and more
  • Activities that connect students directly with alumni within their studios, galleries, businesses and production spaces for one-on-one engagement.
  • UArts Day activities can be supported by departmental budgets to pay for activities such as guest speaker fees, field trips, and supplies. Please speak with Program Directors if you have programs that will require funding.
  • In order to provide a full day of programming for all, all academic programs need to create activities/sessions that equal the number of students in their programs. For example, if your program has 100 students, you need to create enough activities that 100 students could attend. This can be through one large session or multiple smaller sessions.  

Next Steps

  • Submit your activity proposal here in this google form by August 1
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the UArts Day committee, with final notification by August 21.


See the Overview tab for the full schedule.

For programmatic questions, please contact Caitlin at cperkins@uarts.edu or 215-717-6093.

General UArts Day questions, uartsday@uarts.edu.